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Dental cleaning in Fairfax City

Dental cleaning is a preventative procedure that is designed to eliminate plaque and stains from the teeth and prolong their healthy lives. During dental cleaning the dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth by using different instruments. After the teeth instrumentation is complete, the dental professional polishes them with pumice and flosses with a dental floss.

Why is dental cleaning important? Dental decay is an infectious disease. Meaning, that it is caused by bacterias that live in your mouth and attached to your teeth. These bacterias attach themselves to the tooth surface by producing a clear viscous substance called plaque. If the plaque not removed for 48 hrs, then it becomes mineralized tartar and even harder to remove. Over the time, the tartar buildup becomes visible calculus deposits. Removing plaque and stains from the teeth reduces the chances the teeth will get the decay. It also improves the appearance of the teeth and smile, making the teeth appear whiter then before the cleaning.

How often should I get the cleaning done? This is determined by the condition of your teeth. There are 3 common intervals that your dentist will recommend to you – 3 months, 4 months and 6 months. For patients with low caries risk and good home care 6 months would be great interval. For patients with high caries risk and high gum disease risk (like after chemo-, radio-therapy, patients with dry mouth, wearing braces, having crowded teeth or/and irregular home care) – 3 months would be most beneficial.

Does my insurance cover cleaning? Most likely the answer is “yes”. Because most of the insurances tend to provide a comprehensive coverage for preventative procedures, that would be periodic exams, sealants and dental cleanings. The real answer depends on your plan. The insurance usually set frequency limitation on dental cleanings, most common being 6 months.

How much does the dental cleaning cost? If you have no dental insurance, your out-of-pocket expense could be $200-$400 depends on the practice location and specialty. At Fairfax City Dentist we currently run a $130 special, that includes a dentist exam, all necessary intaoral x-rays and dental cleaning. Subject to change without notice. Inquire within.

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