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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Falls Church

Fillings are designed to cover a small defect in a healthy tooth structure, such as a hole or cavity. These small defects usually occur due to tooth decay, abfractions (notches at the gum line caused by chewing forces), or small chips caused by some kind of trauma.

How does the filling process work? First, if there is decay, it has to be removed from the tooth. This is done by drilling through the tooth enamel to access the decay. The teeth, gums, and surrounding skin will be numbed so you will feel no pain and little discomfort during the procedure. The filling material is then placed inside the cavity. In the past, silver amalgam fillings were commonly used, but these have been replaced with composite fillings.

What are the new-style fillings made of? Tooth-colored fillings are made of a dental composite material that can be matched to the existing natural tooth color to create a perfectly blended appearance. The composite material consists of resin filled with ground porcelain.

What are the advantages of composite fillings? The composite has a reduced capacity for heat conductivity and expansion so the fillings remain stable. One major benefit is that they have a much more attractive appearance, which makes them ideal for anyone concerned about the cosmetic aspect. Composite fillings (also known as dental bonding) are also incredibly strong and should last for many years.Furthermore, in terms of cost-effectiveness, most PPO insurance plans will cover the cost of composite fillings and pay at the rate of 80% of their fee schedule.

What should I expect during the procedure? The area will be numbed to ensure you don't experience sensitivity or pain. The decayed part of the tooth will then be cleaned out so that there is no progression of tooth decay at a later date. The filling will be chosen to match your tooth shade and placed in the tooth. It is then cured with a special light and adjusted to fit your individual bite. Finally, the filling is hardened and the procedure is completed.

Will I be able to eat and talk after my filling has been placed? You will experience numbness in and around your mouth immediately following the procedure, which may last an hour or more. This is normal and harmless. You can eat as soon as the numbness wears off.

Can you help me further? Our practice - led by Vladyslav Ovcharenko, DDS, is a caring practice! If you have any concerns regarding the filling procedure, or would simply like to know more, you can call us on 703-417- 9622. We will do our utmost to help you make an informed choice, address your worries, and help you book an appointment at a date and time that suits you.

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